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About this project:

ICQ7 is an attempt to create a full-featured ICQ client for Nokia 7710 and other Series 90 smartphones. Unlike many Symbian 7.0s ICQ clients, this one does receive non-english messages from Miranda IM correctly.

The project had been originated in Sep 2006 due to inappropriate quality of existing ICQ clients for Nokia Series 90 smartphones or due to their shareware nature. You may ask a reasonable question - why not to use Java-based clients. The answer is simple. Although the devices we develop for do have Java framework, they also do have a weak memory. It's just quite hard to make huge MIDlets like JIMM run stable on them.

As the adherents of the Open-Source software and as the real Nokia7710 addicts, we started this ambitious project.

In March 2010 the project had reached the Release phase. This time it has a graphical user interface and speaks two languages. Full list of supported features may be found in readme file

Project ICQ7 still evolves. We would really appreciate any help from you - our users. Most of all we miss your bug searching activity. It's not always possible for designer to find his own mistakes in the software even if he uses it everydey.

About Open Source:

Of benefit to users, Open Source software is licensed so you can download and use the software free-of-charge. The source code for this software is made available free-of-charge, you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes to this software to better meet your needs, and you can release your changed code back to the community passing the benefit on to other users.

The exact license terms used by this project can be found on the project summary page and in the licensing documents available on the Project CVS Repository.

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